Meknas – Morocco: joining new Moroccan trainers to the ILLAFTrain trainers

Meknas – Morocco: joining new Moroccan trainers to the ILLAFTrain trainers
Group photo at the end of the event

By the god almighty, the events of 27th training of trainers course has concluded on 11-9-2012 (certified ILLAFTrain trainer) at the blesance hotel in Meknas. The course continued for more than 100 hours at the rate of 12 hours daily under supervision of Dr. Mohammed Pedra, Hamza Aldosari from Qatar state and Abd Abdelouahab Boujmal and with the contribution of well known trainer  

Trainer and Abdelouahab Boujmal, Mohamed bahssine, Hamza Aldosari, Adil Abbadi, Mohammed Pedra (from right to left) .


With respect to the activities, the course was full with creation and movements, but only we will cover Meknas Kitchen and tug of war.


Meknas Kitchen:

And by using the accelerated learning techniques in the learning of “designing of training system”, the trainers play the “paradise cafeteria” where the trainer asked the passengers to choose a terms from “designing of training system” and to introduce to each others the true definitions for the terms and the steps were as following:

  1. On a suitable table, a group of paper trays were introduced and on each tray there was a definition for term was written on it.
  2. Each passenger was given a five paper coins.
  3. The trainer divided the passengers to groups and told them that each one will play the barkeep role so that each one on the table will order on term from the food list and the barkeep should write that on a card with him.
  4. Then the barkeep should go to the kitchen (trays table) to get the trays with the correct definitions and that corresponds to the customers orders. Then he should return to the table to introduce theses trays to whom order them.
  5. The learners decide with each others weather the orders were a true or not. So that if one of the orders was true the passenger should give the barkeep one paper coin, but if the order was incorrect and not doesn’t corresponded to his order, the barkeep should give the learner one paper coin.
  6. And the play continued until all of the passengers perform their role as a barkeep.

Tug of war and the summit of learning:

The passengers performed the roles of two countries that share knowledge in a “summit of learning” where each team will receive subjects for research and then they will negotiate about the information which the other team has. Procedures:

  1. Before the beginning of the program, a questions were written to be answered, or a subjects to be searched.
  2. The class was divided into two teams, and each team told the he is a country needs the knowledge that the other team has. And for ability to live in the age of knowledge and small town, they should cooperate and share the knowledge with each others. But the countries are afraid somewhat and for this reason they should share the information and knowledge carefully.
  3.  Each team was asked to give a name for his country and to appoint a formal spokesperson. And they can design their own flag if they have a sufficient amount of time. (The team members may want to fabricate a funny names and nicknames and put them as definitions cards in front of them).
  4. Each of the teams was given a list of subjects and questions in file named as “special intelligence”: to reach for (one of the learning objectives).
  5. One of the teams was asked to search in the first half from the question list and the other team was asked to search in the other half. Each of the countries has limited time for search where they can use any allowed learning resources to get their answers.

One of the teams starts to give an answer for a question the other team should answer it. And this team aim to negotiate so that where he will give the answer instead of an answer for another question. The summit continued until all answers were shared between the teams.  


Movement, Movement, Movement:

The course activities characterized by the continued movements of the trainees so that it was rarely to see any one sitting on his chairs and any visitor to the hall can see happiness and activity signs on the trainees faces.

Photo galleries movement, movement, movement – Meknas 2012-12-02