Qatar- Doha: ILLAFTrain Certified Trainer Course continues at Millennium Hotel with Dr. Mohammed al-Toayny

Qatar- Doha:  ILLAFTrain Certified Trainer Course continues at Millennium Hotel with Dr. Mohammed al-Toayny
Dr. Mohammed al-Toayny

The workshop is sponsored by the general administration for youth and supervised by Doha Youth Center in cooperation with  ILLAFTrain - Abu Dhabi  and Dubai Accelerated Learning Center. The workshop began on January 24 and ends on February 4, with a hundred training hours performed by international trainers Mohammed Pedra, Arch. Mohammed Pedra explained at the beginning of the workshop the contents of its program and the subjects to be taught. They include: learning theories, training system design, training workshop design and training delivery and trainer's marketing.


Learning steps involve Phuong's nine steps, Kawkab's learning patterns and Plum's classification, while the training system handles the stages of analysis, design, development, performance and evaluation. Training workshop design involves the theory of displaying the content, the theory of elaboration and the reusable learning units.


Holding a class involves the ethics of training, self-confidence, paying attention and listening, acquainting with the audience, organizing of the main part of delivery, convincing strategy and convincing process, as well as trainer's marketing. It also includes introducing the trainer and the training technique in addition to the services provided by ILLAFTrain institution.


The workshop provides the Phuong's nine steps which are:

attracting attention, informing trainees of the workshop purposes, recalling the previous information, displaying the content and  advising what so called "learning guide". The other steps are: detecting and practicing performance, providing comments as a feedback, assessing performance and finally the consolidating of the memorizing process and making use of it at work.


Many rounds of holding classes were performed in the first few days with the application of Gang's steps of learning. Participants expressed their deep happiness and the scale of benefit they have got out of the lectures provided.


The workshop hosted Dr. Mohammed al-Toayny, a well-known Kuwaiti trainer who talked about the importance of training always leading to development and accomplishment.


Dr. Mohammed al-Toayny said that there are many prerequisites needed for a distinguished trainer, namely: the true intention towards his Creator. The aim of this workshop is to serve Islam, to make the word of Allah lofty and to pray to Him. These purposes are achieved through determination, willingness, hope and ambition, he added.

Dr. Toayny has given the trainees his advice concerning the need to learn everything, and then they should major in a single subject. He narrated an instant that took place in one of the Arab countries and how people found out that he is a specialist in teenage problems. He stressed the need of respecting the field of specialty of each participant within the workshop.


A trainer should consider with respect the mentality of others and furthermore, try to reach his/her mind. He concluded with several useful points to the trainer, namely, to speak in a polite manner, to give importance to dialogue and discussion and to prepare for the task.


Arch. Mohammed Pedra, the workshop presenter, talked about the workshop and the participants' interaction with it. He said that the importance of training is increasing daily and the markets are becoming bigger so that the available trainers are not able to fulfill the need. This workshop aims at supplying the training market with trainers provided with the required knowledge and skills. In fact, the essential purpose of the workshop is to qualify the participants theoretically and practically in order to make them capable of analyzing the training requirements, defining the training purposes, designing workshops and introducing them as well as evaluating them on scientific basis and high level skills both in form and in content.


Mr. Pedra added that the workshop has got many activities giving the trainees the opportunity to acquire the needed skills to help him become a professional trainer with a high level of knowledge in theory, practice and performance. Hence the workshop has got its own regulations which are different from other common workshops. These regulations need to be prepared in advance, need the required materials and timing and the distribution of tasks and so on. In addition to trainers and lecturers there are a number of trainers who accompany the trainees. There is a trainer who directly supervises seven trainees throughout the workshop.


This workshop is performed with the accelerating learning techniques. More than eighty prepared activities based on these techniques are part of the workshop. You may ask trainees how they spend their workshop time which begins at 8.00 am and lasts to 6.00 pm with only an hour break time. They don't feel the time passing by and this is one of the features that make this workshop a different. We hope we will be able to extend the learning time up to 12 hours a day begins from 8.00 am to 8.00pm.


Arch. M. Pedra noted that most of the trainees took active role into the workshop from the first day. Whenever you make a round tour throughout the three training classes, you will feel the excitement and the high spirit of the trainees. A high level of interaction dominates the classes. In fact, most of them are committed to religion as most of their lectures and discussions are related to religion. I believe most of the trainees have religious ends concerning the invocation of God which indeed thrill the heart.



Mrs. Mona al Saady, Private preparatory School of al Wajba for female, one of the workshop participants, said her main purpose is to disseminate the principles of education and its values, acquire the basic standards for a professional trainer in order to disseminate this letter effectively and efficiently throughout our society as well as its influence on our nowadays and future generations, God willing.



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