Qatar-Doha: Pedra, The Qatar Society is Looking for a High Quality Training

Qatar-Doha: Pedra, The Qatar Society is Looking for a High Quality Training
A photo of some trainees at the end of ILLAFTrain certified trainers’ training course

Nasser Mahmoud wrote in Alwatan Newspaper, Qatar:


Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim Pedra emphasized that the quality of training that companies and individuals are looking for in Qatar is a high quality training. This is contrary to what used to be in the past. The quality and standards of training were not the main concern especially under the strict conditions of selecting trainers and training materi

This was at the end of the “ Certified Trainers’ Course” which ended on 25/2/2010 in The Millennium Hotel under the supervision of the Training and Development Department of Doha Youth Center in cooperation with ILLAFTrain-Doha. Trainees from different organizations participated with the presence of the course director Alaa Nasser and the trainers Mohammad Pedra, Husain Habib, Mahmoud Aldamanhouri, Abdulrahman Alharmy, Muna Alsadi, and Ahmad Alkhatib.


Bdara said: I think this is the first training course in the Gulf in which the trainer could stay active from 8 A.M till 6 P.M. The course was characterized by the presence of a large group of trainers like trainer Ahmad Alkhatib from Palestine and trainer Muna Alsadi from Qatar and who is the first trainer from the Gulf.


Regarding the course and the trainees’ interaction, he emphasized that the importance of training is increasing day after day. The market demand is so large that the current trainers cannot cover. This course comes to supply the training market with  trainers who are equipped with knowledge and the necessary experience. The main goal of this course is to prepare highly qualified trainers to analyze the training needs, set the training goals, design courses, presents them and evaluate them on educational grounds and with inner and outer high quality skills.


Achieving goals and aspirations


Abdullah Aljasem, a member of the board of directors of Doha Youth Center, said: I remember that 12 days ago before the beginning of the course, each participant had goals and aspirations upon joining the course. I believe that most of these goals and aspirations which were achieved today created greater goals for each of us to achieve in the future. He added: The Training Department, under the supervision of Husain Habib and Alaa Nasser in Doha Youth Center, is ready to cooperate with the trainers in this course and provide you with all the success factors and methods to achieve your goals by making courses, evening events, lectures, and conferences. He also thanked the council of directors of Doha Youth Center and all the organizers of the course and the trainees.


Muna Alsadi, the certified trainer from ILLAFTrain, said: I first participated in this course last year and then I became a certified trainer in ILLAFTrain. This is why I attend this course as an assistant trainer in order to gain more interesting experience from elite trainers in this field in addition to benefiting from the new trainees’ experiences.


Great Interaction


 She added: what I noticed is the interaction which exceeded the participants’ expectations and develops their thinking and understanding in addition to developing the training skills in a way that stabilizes the information and direct application. Alsadi explained that the training presentations have touched the actual visions of change for trainees on a daily basis. Each trainee gives one presentation through which they get feedback from the trainers and their assistants and their colleagues as well to modify the presentation and then the actual change is gradually made.


She also pointed that the most distinguishing thing in the course is the ongoing communication with the trainees after the course and motivating them to apply the goals they achieved in their practical life and pushing them to give more to serve themselves and their societies.


Ahmad Alkhatib, a certified trainer, said: the most beautiful thing I noticed in this course is the great motivation the trainees have. I always look for the reasons why trainees come to these courses. I saw that many trainees come because of their high sense of responsibility towards their countries.



 A huge improvement in the training field in Qatar


He also added: there is a huge improvement in the field of training in Qatar and there is more on the way. In spite of many daily matters that keep everyone busy, they handled the burden and came to participate in this course because they have the motivation to improve their country.

Alkhatib also pointed that this is the evidence of the great love inside these individuals to increase their knowledge, improve and sharpen their skills by providing the chance for them to develop their skills.

Mr. Husain Habib Alsayed, Training and Development Supervisor at Doha Youth Center, said that this course is characterized by many activities which enable the trainees to gain the necessary skills to become a professional trainer with a high level  of theoretical knowledge and performance. This is why this course has a special system which is different from other familiar courses. It has the logistic requirements regarding preparation, necessary materials, timing, tasks distribution, etc..


He added: this course is specifically done with Accelerated Learning techniques. It has more than eighty activities that are prepared using these techniques. You can ask the trainees about the time they spend and how they spend it. They start at 8:00 A.M. and finish at 6:00 P.M. with only one hour break. If you ask them you will see that most of them don’t feel the long duration and this what distinguishes this course.



Overcoming obstacles


Mahmoud Aldamanhoury, a certified trainer at ILLAFTrain, asserted that all the trainees will encounter some obstacles after finishing this course. Therefore everyone has to collect these obstacles and use them as a ladder for their way of success. This can be done by setting the goals to reach the top and everyone has to be equipped with some elements such as faith, straightforwardness, loyalty, and love on the way to the top.


He said: all the trainees will find great opportunities for success and excellence but with the condition of not listening to the people who put them down. I remember the saying “If you don’t give life extra things, then you are an extra.” I also stress by mentioning Abdullah Alskandary’s wisdom: “ If you don’t have a burning beginning, you won’t have a bright end.”


Dr. Hana Allaith from Bahrain, who holds a P.H.D in Education and Syllabus Design, mentioned that the aim of her participation in this course is to master the skills that are necessary for professional training in the Human Recourses field in addition to exchanging experiences with others. She also added the course that Doha Youth Center organized brought new techniques  and advanced strategies and organized procedures which help to uniquely improve performance.

She said: I always look for improving my training skills and abilities. I could get what I’m looking for by interacting with the trainers. I also realized at the same time that training is a tough task and it’s not a golden job or a source of money. Therefore, I hope to be a good trainer and to be able to present some of the skills and abilities that I gained in this course.


Samir, one of the trainees from Oman, said: I knew about the course from ILLAFTrain’s website. This is why I wanted to participate in it to develop my skills and abilities. In spite of the numerous courses, I found that this course gives more practice than any other course which focus on the theoretical side.


Hameed Salem Alhanaey, a trainee who is an employee at the Training Department at Sultan Qabous University , said that this course is special for the skills, practical application, and feedback.  He added that he joined this course to get the mechanics and professional training skills and applying that in training. He also hopes to serve his county and society by professional and honest training to be the best trainer in Oman and the Arab World.

Sami Alshami, a trainee, praised the course and mentioned that it has changed his views about training and teaching and dealing with others in general. Trainer Abdullah Aljasem explained that the course improved his personality and gave him a lot of training techniques that he will benefit from in his future presentations and workshops.


The trainees praised the course and one of them said that this course is what she’s looking for to improve her professional training skills.

Trainees and trainers celebrated where they distributed certificates trainees in the middle of huge happiness and joy.  They also made sure to take pictures for all the participants as a good gesture for everyone to keep in their memories.



The goal of the course


The course aims at providing the training market with the best trainers who are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills. It is also distinguished for the practical application which gives the trainees the chance to gain the necessary skills to become professional trainers with a high level of theoretical and practical knowledge and performance be means of training using the most modern learning methods in the world including Accelerated Learning. It also opens new horizons and doors of creativity  for the trainees after getting the certified trainer.


During the twelve days, the course dealt with learning theories, designing the training system, designing courses and presentations, and trainer’s marketing. The learning theories also include Gagne's Nine Steps, Kolb's learning styles, and Bloom’s Taxonomy. The courses also tackles the stages of analysis, designing, development, application and evaluation. Designing the training courses includes content presentation’s theory, Detail Theory, and leaning units which can be reused. The presentation contains the training ethics, training confidence, listening skills, knowing the audience, presentation organization, persuasion building and strategies then training marketing, talking about training and the art of training and the services which ILLAFTrain provides. The course presented  Gagne's Learning Steps including getting the attention, informing  the trainees of the goals, reviewing previous information, content presentation, and giving advice which is known as the learning guide.

Source: Alwatan Newspaper



مدربوا ومتدربوا الدورة يشتركون في قطع قالب الحلوى في اليوم الختامي للدورة

The course’s trainers and trainees cut the cake on the last day of the course.


جانب من أحد التمارين أثناء الدورة

Highlights of one of the activities during the course.